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Bringing Back the Joy of TV

In the 90s, television had a different charm altogether. It was a time when families would gather around the TV set, eagerly awaiting their favorite shows to air. There was something special about the anticipation, the weekly wait, and the shared experience of watching together. It wasn't about instant gratification or binge-watching; it was about savoring each episode and discussing it with friends and family the next day. There was a sense of connection and community that we seem to have lost in today's world of streaming platforms and on-demand content. Bringing back that old-fashioned way of enjoying TV could reignite that sense of togetherness and make us appreciate the art of storytelling even more. So, let's take a step back, slow down, and relish the joy of waiting for our favorite shows to come on once again. Let's Cinemommy together!

a woman leaning on a tv with a green screen
a woman leaning on a tv with a green screen

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