Congratulations! You Submitted Your work! You Made it Happen!

You're on Your Way with Cinemommy and Earning Big with Your Content!

Are you a talented content creator looking to turn your passion into profit? Look no further than Cinemommy! We believe in rewarding the creative minds behind our content, and we've created a platform that allows you to do just that. Here's how Cinemommy pays its content providers, making it a truly feel-good experience:

1. Generous Revenue Share:

At Cinemommy, we understand the importance of valuing your hard work. We pay a competitive rate of 0.004% of our advertising revenue for each piece of content that plays on our platform with ads and is shared by other creators. This means that you can turn your creativity into a sustainable income stream.


Let's break it down with an example. When our platform generates $100,000 in advertising revenue that month, and your content is responsible for a portion of those plays, your share would be $400.00. Your earnings grow as your content gains more traction, providing you with an ongoing source of income. (Content providers subject to share revenue if content is combined)

2. Exclusive Ownership:

We believe in empowering our content creators. When you share your content with us, you still retain exclusive ownership of it. Cinemommy provides a platform for you to showcase your work to a wider audience while ensuring that your creative rights are protected.

3. Promotional Support:

We understand that visibility is key to success. Cinemommy goes the extra mile to promote your content. Our dedicated team is here to help boost your content's reach and engagement, ensuring that your work gets the recognition it deserves. We're invested in your success!

4. Flexibility and Control:

At Cinemommy, we respect your choices. You have the freedom to remove your content at any time, no questions asked. Your content, your rules. We believe that this flexibility empowers you as a content creator.

Now that you have submitted your work, you're now being considered for joining our family of creators to let your creativity shine while earning money! We're committed to providing you with a supportive, rewarding, and feel-good platform for your content. Together, we can turn your passion into profit.

Your journey to creative and financial success begins here! As we grow, you grow! We will review your content and send you an email if we decide to air your content on Cinemommy.

a woman holding a camera up to a mirror
a woman holding a camera up to a mirror
man in white dress shirt holding black video camera
man in white dress shirt holding black video camera
woman wearing black ripped jeans holding camera
woman wearing black ripped jeans holding camera